Saturday, June 22, 2013


I'm usually not one to wear eyeshadow; I like to keep my look very simple, like I have no make-up on. However, when my family from Luxemburg came this morning to help us out with all the agitating things we need to get done before we move, I got a little gift that might just change my relationship with eyeshadow. Look at it. It's so gorgeous and I think it's the perfect set for anyone who isn't that into eye-shadow in case I ever feel like stepping out of my comfort zone and fancying it up for a night out or whatnot.

There are two creamy bases, one is a dark beige and the other one is golden and then there are four eyeshadows: a light nude, a shimmery brown, a gold and a rosy eyeshadow which is pretty much all I think I'll ever need. Plus benefit always comes up with those extremely cute packagings and this one is no exception.

Can't wait to try these out!

x Mia

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