Monday, June 17, 2013


The past month has just been filled with exam preparation and now I can finally say that I only have one to go so I haven't been really rocking any fancy outfits to school, just anything comfortable. Today I wanted to share my favorite smelly products. Now, I've never been into buying new body lotions and perfumes myself but I get so many nice things as gifts and before I know it I am halfway finished with them. So here are a few of my favorites that I wear the most often.

This is my all time favorite perfume, I got it for Christmas two years ago from my aunt and at first I hated it but i started using it and it's my perfect scent. It smells so... clean? The official description of the scent is something with pomegranate, lotus flower and magnolia which I can sort of smell but it's really one of a kind. Too bad i only have to small bottle...

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I bought this body lotion from Bath and Body Works as a gift for my friend but it broke so I decided to keep it... It's a mix between berries and vanilla which I really like because when I can't decide If I want a fruity or a vanilla scent I just use this.

This has to be the tastiest body lotion ever. It smells like the yummiest cheesecake and I'm pretty sure that since I got it in a goodie bag in 7th grade I've used over a half.

Now, this is some fancy body mist. I don't own anything from Hollister and this was a gift form my lovely friend Emily for my 14th birthday. It smells like my favorite fruit (kiwi) and lemon and it feels so fresh when I spray it on. And it's also a huge bottle so I always spray a lot.

Those of you who have never tried EOS lip balms you are seriously missing out. That stuff it amazing. My friend Jennifer had it and i used it so many times I decided to get my own and here it is, my go-to lip balm. It's so refreshing, after you put it on you feel the minty scent on your lips for a really long time and it just smells SO GOOD.

This is just a simple small bottle of the vanilla eau de toilette by Yves Rocher. This is my travel essential but I'm not sure I like the scent that much. It's too strong but they have a bunch of other very simple scents in Yves Rocher like strawberry, peach and coconut so I'll be going there soon and getting myself one of those. 

My fiends really know how to spoil me.. I got this along with a shower gel and a scrub from Jennifer two months ago for my birthday and I can't stop using it. The scrub is almost finished... but I religiously put this baby all over my arms and legs every morning because it just smells so good. I love berries. 

Surprise, surprise, another berry scent. I bought this hand cream for 4 pounds in the Body Shop last summer in England and I just love the packaging. It's so cute and the cream is so rich I only use a bit on my hands to get them smelling like fresh cranberries.

And last but not least, a Body Shop lip butter. I love those, I have two in the sweet lemon scent and a few others but this one is my definite favorite. Sweet lemon is just overall one of my favorite ice cream flavors (God forbid actual lemon sorbets, I hate them) and I love this scent on my lips.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you'd like to see things liek this in the future!

Have a great week!

x Mia

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