Saturday, February 23, 2013


I was shopping at the newly renovated Zara store in the Wars & Sawa passage in Warsaw the other day. They completely changed the interior of the store and now it looks like a very high-end boutique. I spotted this beautiful leather jacket in the TRF section. It has a beautiful embroidered design on the shoulders, followed by the quilted look all throughout the jacket finishing with the perfect zippers that complete the look of  a vintage jacket. I'll be definitely buying this very soon.

Wczoraj wybrałam sie do Zary na Marszałkowkiej, która jakis czas temu została otwarta po remoncie. Wystrój sklepu został kompletnie zmieniony, tworzac atmosferę prestiowego butiku. Znalazłam tą cudowną skórzaną kurtkę w sekcji TRF. Ma piekne hafty na ramionach, sprawia wrazenie pikowanej i jest wykonczona idealnymi suwakami, ktore dają jej ten "vintage" wygląd. Napewno wkrótce zaopatrzę się w tą kurtkę.

 x Mia

Thursday, February 14, 2013


T-shirt- Zara | Cardigan- Zara | Trousers- BDG |  Necklace-  Urban Outfitters |  Earrings- H&M
 Not even a week ago I had long hair, and now it's all gone. I haven't had a hard time adjusting to it; on the contrary, I've gotten used to it instantly and I already figured out a few ways to style it (no more messy buns on my lazy days *sob*). I was soooo afraid of judgement but so far I've only received positive comments, including a few guys who I thought would be very disapproving.
Today is the first time in four days I've had some time to relax and actually enjoy my break. I met with my friend who took these pictures for me and took me to a place that sells the best doughnuts on earth, and then I saw a movie with a friend to celebrate our singleness on Valentine's Day.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, whether you have someone to celebrate it with or you're spending it in bed with a box of chocolate ;)

x Mia

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I finally got a pair of my long coveted black loafers. What can I say? Thy're just a very basic and versatile pair that will be perfect for spring.

x Mia

Friday, February 8, 2013


Me with the photographer <3 Clebby B.
Jeans- BDG | Top- Massimo Dutti | Shoes- Tommy Hilfigier | Socks- Zara | Chain- Topshop

I've been a faithful proponent of Zara jeans since I could fit into my beloved Zara Kids up to this day. In fact, I don't remember owning a pair of jeans that wasn't from Zara until now. These high-waisted black jeans have been on my wishlist for god knows how long. I found them two weeks ago and i must say spending 55 euro on them was absolutely worth it. They fit like a glove, they're super comfortable and they really elongate my legs. 

x Mia

Eminem- Space Bound not meaning to brag, but I can rap the whole thing ;)