Thursday, February 14, 2013


T-shirt- Zara | Cardigan- Zara | Trousers- BDG |  Necklace-  Urban Outfitters |  Earrings- H&M
 Not even a week ago I had long hair, and now it's all gone. I haven't had a hard time adjusting to it; on the contrary, I've gotten used to it instantly and I already figured out a few ways to style it (no more messy buns on my lazy days *sob*). I was soooo afraid of judgement but so far I've only received positive comments, including a few guys who I thought would be very disapproving.
Today is the first time in four days I've had some time to relax and actually enjoy my break. I met with my friend who took these pictures for me and took me to a place that sells the best doughnuts on earth, and then I saw a movie with a friend to celebrate our singleness on Valentine's Day.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, whether you have someone to celebrate it with or you're spending it in bed with a box of chocolate ;)

x Mia

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