Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yes, it's a selfie.

Yes, my hair is suddenly 40 cm shorter than it was yesterday. This drastic haircut meant a lot to me for many reasons. First of all, the hair is now in a ponytail, waiting to be sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so a wig can be made for a woman with cancer. I've been wanting to do it for 2 years now, and this friday was sort of my turning point when I realized now was the right time. It's a beautiful thing to do for someone, it feels good to do it because you're helping someone who will appreciate that wig so much because my hair will grow out, theirs won't for a long time, if ever. Second of all, since December I've been going through a rough phase because I found out I'm moving. I have tutoring every week in three subjects, tons of schoolwork and many important decisions to make. Besides, I'm leaving a lot of amazing people behind. I needed a break from all the stress to do something exciting to temporarily forget about my "struggles". And lastly, the whole purpose of this blog is to push myself to take risks with my style that I want to take and not be afraid. I wasn't doing so well at that and by getting this haircut I stepped out of my comfort zone and it turned out to have been an amazing decision because now people admire my confidence I needed to have to do it. 
I talked to a bunch of people about possibly doing it and the vast majority of them disapproved of my decision and some almost begged me not to do it. I was hesitant because I was afraid of what people might think about it, but then I read an article in the February issue of Teen Vogue. I got the haircut on the following day. It talked about taking risks, standing out and having the confidence to do what i want to do to express myself. I realized that it doesn't matter what others think. If somebody really cares about me, they will see beyond my hair but they will look into who I am on the inside and those will be the people I want to be around, those who really support me. And as long as I’m happy with it, which I really am, people around me will be happy too.

x Mia

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