Monday, October 29, 2012


Loafers just seem to be the most comfortable thing and they're really casual and go with so many things. I'm really craving 3 types of those right now.

1) Leopard Print

I'm torn between those two pairs. The first pair from ALDO are the cutest skimmers ever. I love the pointy toe and the print is really cute. They're cheaper than the second pair- about 20 euros. But loafers are loafers. I saw the second pair in Zara and fell in love. I can think of so many outfits for which the loafer would work better than the skimmer. However, it's too expensive for my teen budget and the print is not exactly what i wanted, so I would rather buy the skimmers.

2) Basic Black

The first pair from ALDO is the perfectly shaped skimmer, just a dream. It's semi elegant so it would go with a dress as well and I'm sick and tired of my Ecco black flats which are completely worn out. The second one from Urban Outfitters is so amazing. The metal cap adds a bit of an edge so I'm loving it. I really want a basic black skimmer or a loafer but the decision is so hard because both are amazing and I just don't have enough money for that kind of luxury, so if I had to pick just one pair I would get the loafers.

3) Glitter 

Oh, how I love those blue glitter sneakers! They're from Urban Outfitters and they're so beautiful and just perfect. But, they're too expensive and I don't have that much blue stuff.The loafers from Zara are really cheap (40 euro) and they have them in my size but if they had them in blue I wouldn't hesitate for a minute. I'd get the blue sneakers though. 

x Mia

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