Monday, October 22, 2012


Welcome, My name is Mia. Although I might not seem like it, I'm 14 years old. I spend far more time than I should reading blogs, articles on, browsing past collections by my favorite designers and I sped too much money on Teen Vogue and clothes. I like to take fashion risks like mixing patterns or colours that are unlike to go together. However, I am scared of what the people around me will think of my outfits. So I invite you my dear reader, to critique me but also to be inspired by my blog. 

Here is an intro to understanding my blog and an outline of how many times a week I'll try to post in each category (they might not apply until later on):
-OOTD: "Outfit of the day"; I might sometimes post those if I feel that my outfit is very simple and 'safe' but worth sharing. (2 every week)
- R: stands for "risk" which is the label for outfit posts that are more eccentric than OOTD's and are a true expression of who I am :) (5 times every 2 weeks)
-New: post sharing my newest purchases, or gifts related to fashion. (1 every 2 weeks)
-Obsession: category describing a trend, a brand or even a person that I love. (1-2 every 2 weeks)
-Check Out: a store or a brand I found that I like and I think you should check it out (not advertising, just trying to share my new discoveries or brands I think you might not be familiar with) (1 every month?)
-I Crave: specific items that are on my wishlist (usually can be found on my Fashiolista profile but if I want to share them on the blog, i will)
-Other categories will include photo diaries from events or trips, random pictures or posts, Q&A's or just anything else that doesn't fall under any of the categories listed above.

Taken by Julia K.

Shirt- Zara | Trousers- Zara | Shoes- Urban Outfitters

x Mia

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