Friday, October 12, 2012


Last weekend I housed two girls from Paris for a volleyball game. We waited 40 minutes in the take out to get our food, and I might have forgotten to take my keys from school (we camped outside my house in the cold and darkness for a while and then our friend took us into her home where we watched “Iron Man” and ate). It was an adventure, and after that, I don’t think I’m the best houser. 
Despite the inconvenience, we still got housing gifts (an international school system where you have to bring a gift for the family who lets you sleep at their house for the day and gives you food) and since my mom was away and my dad was getting people from the airport, taking care of my housers was my responsibility, so I got the housing gifts. Now, you should know how obsessed I am with pretty-smelling things (hence my thing for perfume and scented candles). When I saw these candles I fell in love. Each one smells differently (forest fruit, herbs and fig) The scents are so strong and beautiful, they fill my room and it’s really pleasant to fall asleep with them next to my bed (I don’t even need to light them!) 

All pictures by me.

x Mia

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