Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Pants- H&M | Shirt- Zara | Hat- Zara | Shoes- Deena & Ozzy | Necklace- Urban Outfitters | Rings- H&M, Mango, Topshop

The weeks leading up to my big move have been extremely stressful. I've been facing a lot of choices and recently I made a decision about leaving my home in Belgium forever the evening after our last day of school which I was trying to postpone as much as I could but I couldn't really help it because exams to my dream school are taking place the next morning and then there is no point in going back. Besides, I've had to clear out every corner of my room, leaving my bookshelf and closet almost completely empty. I've been saving up money for months to go on a huge shopping spree and I've already placed some exciting orders from Nastygal and Topshop which I'm really looking forward to getting in a couple of weeks so I can finally fill up that empty closet of mine. So far, I'm stuck with a little bit over 10 t-shirts and some pants. I'm thinking of setting up a clothing rack with my more "exciting" pieces which will make dressing up in the morning easier... (This has very quickly turned into a stream of consciousness, I just had so much to share.)

x Mia

Florence + The Machine- Over The Love (As you might be able to tell form the past two posts I've been OBSESSED with the Great Gatsby soundtrack)

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