Tuesday, December 4, 2012


For me Christmas is a beautiful holiday when family members get to sit down together at a dinner table, when we get to make our close ones happy with the gifts we find for them. Personally, I LOVE getting gifts for my family and friends; It's a lot of fun and when they open the gift it always warms my heart that I've found something for them that they like. I love figuring out what's on their wishlist (in my family we never make wishlists or tell each other specifically what e want, we always try to guess what the other people would like-which can be hard at times- but it allows us to think about the person we're getting the gift for). But let's be honest- we all love getting gifts too. I know I do. Here are some items that are on my wishlist this year:

From top left:
1. Zara Frilled Leather Jacket (or just any simple black leather jacket)
2. Madewell Blue Sequin Pants 
3. ALDO Red Skimmers
4. UGG Australia Classic Mini in Chestnut
5. ASOS Black Shorts with Braces
6. Urban Outfitters Black Studded Sweatshirt
7. Zara Green Checked Shirt
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade Watch in Gold
9. Zara Gold Sequin Shorts

If you want, check out the rest of the items I wouldn't mind having in my closet on my fashiolista profile.

xxx Mia

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  1. love the madewell pants- theyd be awesome on new years




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