Saturday, November 24, 2012


I came back form Poland a couple of hours ago. My mom promised me I could go visit every month so every time I'm there, I try to do as much with as many people as I can. I went out with my girls last night, we went to see Hamlet in the theater and even though it was four hours long it was absolutely worth it. I also saw my other best friend who took these pictures for me in an empty swimming pool in their fitness (yes, they have one in their house).

Pictures by Julia K.
Trousers- Zara | T-shirt- Oysho | Blazer- Zara | necklace- Mango | Ring- Bijou Brigitte

The lip crayon that I'm wearing is my new favorite; it's Inglot's # 33. It makes your lips look like they're stained with blueberries. This is very irrelevant, but it reminds me of when I was little, in the summer, we went to a little house in the middle of the forest with my sisters and my mom. We went kayaking and swimming in the lake, and one of the pictures from that summer is when all three of us sat by the water after having eaten blueberries. 

x Mia

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